Week One at EFA Wraps Up!

July 3, 2017

Eagles Football Academy had a very successful first week! Campers got to share a lot of great experiences, such as meeting Eagles linebacker Don Cherry and alumni Mike Mamula. They had the opportunity to play on the same practice fields as the Eagles, and the cheerleaders even had the chance to perform on the field! On the last day of camp players participated in a few final games, while the cheerleaders gave a fantastic final performance. The Eagles mascot, Swoop, also made an appearance just in time for the awards ceremony.

Campers also left the week with combine reports, informing them about their performance and improvement and areas where they’ve excelled as well as areas that they can continue to work on. Coach Chris Lauber stated that “the combine report is a beneficial tool that the campers can use to improve on their footwork, passing, and catching. The coaches provide individualized instruction to help campers to continue to better their technique.”














The first week of camp was a great success! Stay tuned to hear more as the summer at EFA continues.